The Ocean at the End of the Lane: A Novel - Neil Gaiman Ughh, Neil Gaiman. I loved this book. It was done with too quickly but I loved it. I wasn't expecting such a magical book but alas I was so enthralled by it anyway.

I don't even know where to begin. The concepts and ideas were great. I really enjoyed when Lettie told our protagonist that adults look the same as they did when they were kids on the inside. Really did. It gives a smaller insight to that moment in every persons life when they realize they are an adult, and they didn't even know that happened.
All the women were so beautifully written, and I loved hearing it from the memory of a 50 year old man reminiscing his childhood. It really made it that much more intimate, especially since he remained nameless.
The way Gaiman is able to write the child perspective is numbing and mind blowing. I found myself more than willing to accept that the way this child thought, I did a very long time ago. It's so hard find something that triggers memories and feelings the way this book did with me.
The books got to the point and didn't waste time with excess garble that would only length the page count not the story. Possibly my favourite thing about Mr.Gaiman is how he is able to do just that. He doesn't give you anymore or anyless that needed for his story to be told, for his characters to be exactly who they are meant to be and for the words to speak to you.

Like I've said before, if I can hear the book I am in love. And my god did this book play out like a wonderful movie in my head. I can't wait o read more of Gaiman's novels.