Dinner With a Vampire - Abigail Gibbs Okay, let me completely honest. I hated this. Absolutely hated it. I had planned to read a book a week this year, however upon starting this one I severely doubted my ability to do so. Reading this book for me was an absolute CHORE. I do not exaggerate. I don't think I'll be picking up the rest. Honestly, I had to stop myself from banging my head on a desk multiple times while reading this book. I would get physically angry with it. Why I kept going? Well a) I can't leave a book unfinished and b) well, I can't leave a book unfinished no matter how shitty. House of Night for example...
Even during class I would grunt and just roll my eyes. Everyone around me knew my great distaste for this. I mean a teenager trying to write about an age group that she clearly does not understand. This book has YOUNG written all over it.

First off, yes I understand it YA paranormal book. I shouldn't be expecting gold, however everything about this was just brutally terrible! The writing... Oh my fuck, the writing. I couldn't handle it. Right off the bat, it was difficult for me to even get through a page without wondering how the editor read this. The dialogue is pathetic, dry and has no characterization. Anyone of the characters could have said the lines and it would have made almost no difference.
The development of the characters was pathetic. Kaspar is supposed to be fantastic in every sense. Strong, emotionally and physically, smart and beautiful. All I saw was an arrogant, privileged prick of a child who happens to be hundreds of years old. Kaspar is just a weak character, and seriously going through what I call little-man syndrome. Totally over compensating. Before I was fifty pages in, he’d alluded to his royal status, made false cliché vamp threats and used an abusive amount of force against Violet. Idiot could not stop bragging! How can I take that at all seriously? Might as well wear a shirt that says "Me Vampire. Me drink blood. Me is power!"

Now Violet... LOL Violet. Is this an attempt to make a strong female lead? I hope not. She was annoying, rude and so arrogant. It's one thing to be a strong person, but Violet? Is not a strong character. She's a young, immature girl who is too stubborn to realize she is just being a whiny child. Why is it that these girls don't understand that you are sitting in a house with people whose insticts are to kill you. They run around talking to them as if they are not "food". Imagine that... a gold fish told me shut up? EXCUSE ME? Yeah... Okay Violet. That's very realistic of a teenage girl.

Kaspar/Violet's relationship was sub-par in my opinion. Nothing tying me to them, but wait... they HAVE to be together anyway! So too bad!

This book was just dragged out. Once the revelation of the Heroine happens I was extremely annoyed that the book had about another 100 pages? WHY? There is no surprise and honestly NOTHING happens. Plot point wise, nothing happens. It's a flat story.

Now, not everything was a drag for me. I definitely enjoyed the lore of these vampires. The kingdoms, and how they are known to the government. Have their own laws, media, etc. Also that the vampires are definitely in tune with their natural nature and aren't trying to be something different. The acceptance of mass slaughter... I do like that. They aren't prissy. It's nice. Interesting for sure. I just felt that that was the best part of the book and not really explored enough to make me care.

Books like these give the YA genre a bad rep. It's not even fluff. Bad writing, and complete ignorance for the human condition.