City of Ashes - Cassandra Clare This is my personal opinion. Whether you agree or don't, this is still an opinion and not fact. Never forget that.

I won’t lie and say this is my kind of book. I have never been inclined to actually skip parts of books before, not even with “Dark Herione" and I despised reading that. So that's really saying a lot since I actually would SKIM parts of this. That's how brutal it was for me. There are hardly any redeeming factors for me. Meh. I don’t know. My review won’t be too helpful. I find this book to be far too long for the lack of content…

First of all, there is way to much filler. I mean WAY too much. There are a lot of pointless filler conversations and moments that do not in anyway contribute to the story or plot, simply to the page count. But hey, it’s for teens. It’s fast, it’s easy. I just wish that a book that gets so much praise really was worth what they are saying about it. Nothing happens that makes you feel anything. Not for me anyway. It's predictable, it's all too convenient. Things are expected to get better so they will. I am never fearful of anything. I mean, the biggest issue was that Simon and Clary would have a hard time being friends and being in each others lives. But alas DEUS EX MACHINA : Simon is a vampire, who can walk in daylight. He and Clary are perfect and no harm done. I mean, seriously? Seriously?! This is all conveniently fanfiction. And not GOOD fanfiction at that.
I know that this will end happily. Sure there will be a false injection of loss and pain coming but there will be no struggle. There is nor can this writer even create a moment of a doubt or suspense. Not for me anyway. The book has no direction, and I fear that author is so involved in her own head and what she wants to say that she doesn't actually see the greater story underneath.

I skimmed a lot because there was nothing keeping my gripped. Near the end, I was a little more interested with the fairies but that ended a little too quickly and awkwardly. The push on the incest is too intense, and there is no way these two are related if that's the case. This book is predictable. Too damn predictable... Mary Sue's and Gary Dru's ruin things. I will check out the third only because the end of this got slightly interesting, and I am anal and can't leave things unfinished, but I do need a break from such petty plots. Maybe I'll read something else in between.