City of Glass - Cassandra Clare Seriously??? Why do so many people like this. I guess it’s similar to the twilight craze that happened but… seriously?!

I won’t lie, I was actually taken a little by surprise. I was expecting a very sub-par poorly written book with nothing keeping me interested. While mostly that was true, I did find this book out of three to be the strongest and best written. I found this book to exponentially better than the first two. The characters, UGH let me love these characters. I most definitely tried my best to like them but I honestly can not do that. It’s closed-minded childishness that moves this story along. I mean someone is finally honest and blunt with Clary and then she hates them? I mean what kind of childish attitude is that? I understand she is 16 but… well I guess that’s why I never got along with girls in my highschool. Realize you make mistakes! Own up to them! Don’t get upset when they get pointed out. How anyone likes Clary or this series is way beyond my comprehension level…. Now, I really hate being negative about books and about people but I hate the overpraise of something so substandard IF even that.

I can say I definitely love the play with the folklore, but I love folklore so it’s not the book itself or it’s writing that I owe that too. I even like folklore text books… so. I just find that Clare doesn’t know her specific strengths in writing. I feel that she is lost so deeply in her ship of Clary and Jace that the big story is completely overlooked. I mean if this book were Valetine’s POV as an adult book I see something amazing going on but this? Stupid little love story that uses everything else as devices and obstacles to Clary and Jace… it’s backwards! Just ughhhh. There are far too many moments that left me scratching my head. It was just SO much of "well THAT was convenient". So many meh moments and again the inclination to skip parts.

I… guys. I hate Clary. I do. With my whole being. I do not find anything redeeming about this whiny little girl playing grown up. I wanna throw this book at her. I despise her, and well I don’t really like Jace. I just find it rather… forced. Simon and Jace had more chemistry coming out of the pages. It’s the way the story is written I think. The author unintentionally creates drama with certain characters that is much better than the real plot of the books.

One aspect that I can say I definitely actually enjoyed was the war and that is where I found the writing to excel exponentially. I could definitely “see” this happening. The blood, the smell and the fear were almost palpable. ALMOST. Clare has work to do for sure.

But… has it really only been a MONTH since the first book? a MONTH?!?! Has this author lost her mind with time? I would hate if this happened in my life in a month, and you can NOT proclaim love that strong within weeks that is only a MONTH. Like that totally ruined this as well. 3 books 1 month. Makes a LOT of sense. So much damn filler!!!