Falling Kingdoms - Morgan Rhodes, Michelle Rowen When I first started this book I didn't entirely know what to expect. I was excited, definitely was excited and I was hoping I would enjoy it. Right from the get go I was indeed pulled into this world. The list of characters was indeed very useful and I highly enjoyed having that small bit of enough beforehand.

Right from the beginning what I enjoyed was that this book got to the point. Within the first 50 pages I had taste for all the characters and stuff actually happened that I could tell was central the plot and story. Unlike a lot of the YA I have read this year. The way Rhodes was able to create a real, palpable tension between the three lands of Auranos, Paelsia and Limeros is honestly very breath taking.

Some of the dialogue definitely felt out of place at times. Because a suitor in a setting like this would say something along the lines "Not you, asshole". It felt too modern, too teenager of the 21st century if you catch my drift.

The characters, now about them... I liked that in reading each chapter I got a different taste entirely. The author definitely allows for you to discover each mind and I truly enjoy that you get a different view of the characters between one another. Since we are the POV's of each others enemies it makes for a very interesting read. The perspective and POV's written for the characters I found to be rather true to the specific character. Theon to his duty - his demise had me rather upset! - Cleo and her very much spoiled princess behaviour without knowing she is, Jonas and his sheer hatred for the Auranian's and the way he sees Cleo is beautifully crafted into the story, Lucia and her awakening magic is divine - when she destroys Sabina I was rather excited - and my poor poor Magnus who has to be in his head all alone.

The character development for Magnus is my favourite, and I am very much enjoying Jonas's transformation and cleverness as well.

The book had a lot of surprising moments and a few not so surprising ones.

While I will be honest, this isn't the best book I have ever read I 100% enjoyed it and could easily overlook the tripes that I noticed. This isn't a new and fresh idea or plot. Definitely not. Magic, kingdoms, war and the very small line between what is right and wrong but for a YA novel I find it to be a "better" one of the bunch. I am going to read the second book when it comes out for sure as I truly am enjoying the characters, MOST of the time. Granted there a definitely a few times while reading this that I felt ... "lied" too. Like I was making myself like it more than I should but then I would get immersed again. I do like that when I would get slightly bored I was being pulled in again. I would like to see the author take this story elsewhere. Find the Kindred, but I do have no hope for that happening in the second. It's YA and we do need the "filler" in there somewhere. I hope I don't get too disappointed but this was a good one. I recommend the read. I find that is enjoyable without being to daunting to read.