Interview with the Vampire: Claudia's Story - Anne Rice, Ashley Marie Witter I highly enjoyed reading this from the perspective of Claudia. I always found myself extremely interested and fascinated with the woman child that came to be of her character. The complexity of her difficult situation, the mentality change, the sheer childish ignorance that she would have, her perspective, how she would view the world - these always made very big questions in my head. Getting a chance to read that was rather a exciting idea. Although I was slightly disappointed as it is essentially word for word of the original book I must say I loved this one. The art was gorgeous, and beautifully done. The splashes of red and oranges completely set the tone and allowed myself to immerse in the world of these vampires.

I always know I have a great read when I can “hear" the characters. I always found myself completely immersed while reading this gorgeously, masterfully done piece of art.

Definitely something to check out if you have the time.