City of Fallen Angels - Cassandra Clare Spoilers. You've been warned.

So I wrote an ENTIRE fuckin review but my lovely sister fuckin' exited the window before it was saved. So am I even more sour writing this one? You bet your tits I am.

First things first, my distaste for a book is rather obvious in how LONG it takes me to even read it. This book took me 4 weeks. I read another book in between this one because I can't stand this series.

I promised myself I would NEVER do this. I promised myself I need to stop reading books I hate. But here I am. I had hoped that this one would be better... I have faith in Clare as a writer when she's not writing petty, plotless and rather ridiculous love triangles/plots. After starting this book, that hope was crushed. Crushed into a million tiny pieces laying before me. They glittered all around me like a fresh snow bank on a sunny day. UGH FUCK THIS BOOK

I HATE being negative. i am NOT a negative person. But things like this bring out the worst in me.

The best way for me to describe this book is petty. After City of Glass, I as hoping that this would continue on that track. Improving as it went along. Instead of took 5 giant jumps backwards. It's back to the same stupid boring shit. Nothing happens. It's page after page of filler and filler. The only way things progress is through dialogue. Why? Weak writing/storytelling ability. The story should NOT progress through dialogue. Thanks.

Now before I really get into it, I know I am not a published author, and hell I don't even consider myself a grammar nazi. The reviews are written in a conversational manner. So while I can openly admit, hey I am not perfect I make mistakes, and my writing is no where near perfect I still have every right to express my honest opinion on things I do not like. This series obviously had to go through drafts and editors... but yet it's still WEAK. Weak. Weak. Weak!

When the boys are written they describe each other the way the girls do. Do guys notice the way a shirt fits another guy? No. Do they notice how their hair falls, how they smell, how when they adjust their weight their nervous? Um no. Those are feminine ways of identifying things. It's evolution. Women by nature are smaller, so we learned to observe and use our eyes and mentality. Men don't notice the same small things we do. So it's STUPID that Simon always describes what his friends are wearing, what they look like, the way they are holding themselves... for best friends maybe, but not for people you have known for a week. OH! Another issue. How can 4 books take place in less than a year? How stupid! The mental stability of the characters is seriously in question for me if this is a normal 6 month period. And that's me being generous. I actually believe if I am right that's more along the lines of 3-4 months. Pathetic.

Kyle tells Simon "Red is TOTALLY his colour" -- Are you fuckin' kidding me? Right. Either a really bad vampire joke or just a stupid attempt at giving characterization to plotless characters. Ugh.

There are two parts of this book I did like. That's when Clary stood up for Simon. But then she changes her mind? um NO Clary. You were right. Don't apologize for that. Just another reason why I hate Clary and her stupid wanna be independent-I'm-so-fierce attitude but is SO submissive. She's not a stubborn girl, she's a stupid naive one who has no fore sight and doesn't care for the consequences her stupid actions have on others. She's SELFISH. So, so wrecklessly selfish. Sure she's a teenager but when you're writing a story at least give a good example to girls to look up at the same time. Don't glorify bratty behaviour. Fuck Clary. All the women in this book are disgustingly pathetic. The fact that I always have to hear about how beautiful Isabelle is and how much Clary doesn't like it? Listen, if you have that much aggression at someone else for looking good, you're sick in the head. Friends should not hate on each other that way and if you do, well stop being friends. Simple. It's disgusting. It's SO disgusting.
Second was Lilith. I really liked her, the way the story was going, how this Greater Demon would prove to be a battle and a half. But what happens? Oh right. CONVENIENCE! She dies. So instead Sebastian is the threat. Right. That's like Seamus from Harry Potter killing Voldemort and then DRACO MALFOY becomes the villain. She was bad ass. The story had potential. This was written really well. But then, poof. It's too fluff to handle that shit.

Ugh. Don't read this.

Will I read the next one... well I own it. so I have it. But who knows WHEN. I need something. maybe Gaiman... but hell no. This is so stupid. Terrible book. Just terrible.