Dance in the Vampire Bund, Volume 5 - Nozomu Tamaki Come on now, this is volume 5. I have been enjoying this so far so you can safely assume I enjoyed the crap out of this one as well.

So in this one Akira is travelling through the Bund it self. I like that the story picks up here in terms of learning what Mina really wants, and what she needs to protect in order to get it.

By this point I have moved past the uncomfortable feeling of seeing such a tiny girl always naked. It's not sexy, not even a little bit to me. It's... gross. She looked 11-13 and I can not take that seriously in terms of "sexy". But I understand this is Manga and manga can go there. (Nah mean, twincest?) But over all I enjoy this.

I won't get too in detail about what happens because well it's manga, it's all better left to be read. Still loving how much ass Akira kicks in this for sure. [SPOILER] He loses an arm and still kicks ass. No wonder he is the guardian to Mina Tepes. Bad ass werewolf.