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24. Editor. Gamer. Nerd. Some shambles on the books I pick up from my collection this year. I found myself collecting an immense collection recently. I bought more books than I could read. I have a problem. I have decided I am going to read my entire shelf, before I can buy another book. I have about 150+ books to read. Let's start it up baby. This year I have read 32 books. (Working full time and going to school does make this a challenge) and I plan on posting regarding my opinions. Yay ^_^ I may have a scale of my ratings soon here.

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1/52 ; Reading Challenge : Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury Book Cover



Title: Fahrenheit 451

Author: Ray Bradbury

Recommendation: Strongly Recommend ; Not sure what I was expecting, but it definitely blew out of the water. A read that I will treasure.

Rating/Grade:  E -> Exceeds Expectations. 8/10

Synopsis: Set in the future, where firemen create fires instead of preventing them, Guy Montag can’t help his feeling of something wrong in the way he lives. After meeting Clarisse things take a turn to a darker side. 

Comments: The development of Montag is quite intriguing. This book is quite fantastic. I enjoyed it a lot, and was actually quite taken aback a few times, forgetting that this book was written almost 60 years ago. The fact that Ray Bradbury could tunnel vision into the future the way he had is quite remarkable, and frankly almost chilling. He portrays the ideal that we, as a group, would consciously choose to be “entertained” by the media instead of picking up a book and exploring it. Sound like society today? I think so. 

The way society is written to be so apathetic toward everything, to be so consumed by their consumerism they don’t even realize was so… heart-wrenching for me to read. I didn’t necessarily feel that this booked was based on the ideal of censorship, but instead what we as a group choose to consume. I find that this book portrays where we are as a society almost too accurately, it’s quite frightening. Too often do you hear people brag about not reading, as if books are truly a evil. People rather go “fast” and not “think” but be told, just be entertained. Just to have fun, and do nothing, be nothing. So lost in that fun that they have completely lost themselves. What I enjoyed was how all the characters aside from the few, were literally void beings. They cared for nothing, only to read their scripts in front of their wall-to-wall screens, with the fake characters who would respond to them with a script, giving them a sense of importance that they themselves diminished. It was… wow. Really powerful. This book is great, truly great. 

The only down faults I felt were, of course, being born and alive in an era that is quick and fast, I felt that the book was just a little too short. I wanted more of Clarisse, hear more of what she had to say but unfortunately she didn't make it far. This was written beautifully, and I do recommend it. 

Jack the Ripper: Hell Blade Vol. 1 - Je-tae Yoo Uh... wow.

I love this style of anime. It's so bloody creepy. And yeah, bloody too. I definitely enjoyed the first volume. The story is very interesting and I definitely didn't see the little twist coming at all. UGH, so gorgeous. My style of anime for sure.

I only bought the first one, but I think I might be picking up a few more.

A+ for the artwork
A+ for the story so far.

Girl Friends, Volume 2 - Milk Morinaga Hmm. Well this is getting more interesting. Manga is just so... lovable. I love the animation and the characters are super cute. Not just physically. Thus far with Mari-Chan is conflicted on I find that the mind set of a teenage girl very accurate. However I pretty sure that is all supposed to make more sense for Japanese culture and teenagers there. Regardless, I enjoy it so much.

Thank the gods I never had to do Cram school, or SATURDAY school. No thanks!
GIRL FRIENDS (1) (アクションコミックス) - 森永 みるく I am thrilled to be reading more manga. I enjoy it, and the art work in this one is so cute.

I am learning all the different types. This is one is Yuru from my understanding. So far so good. These girls are indeed really cute. There isn't much going on so far but it's enjoyable. We'll see how I far in Volume 2.
The Graveyard Book - Neil Gaiman Nobody "Bod" Owens is raised in a graveyard after his family is murdered by the Jack of All Trades order.

My god. I think I am noticing a trend with all the Gaiman books. While I expect one thing I get led somewhere entirely different. Gaiman always surprises me, and at this point I didn't think that was even a possibility anymore.

From the first to the last page I actually cared about this book. What I love about the worlds and characters that Gaiman creates is that no matter where, when, who or what is going on it's believable. It's 100% believable in that world, and as a reader reading into that world you so grasped by that amazing skill.

I can't go on to say anything other than that Mr. Gaiman has perfected his craft. 20 years to write this book and I can see why. He knows his work, which is why I am confident reading it. Nothing feels forced or out of place. The characters are so fitter to be exactly who they are. The play on the dialogue per each character was fascinating and such a treat! I could be in that graveyard myself hearing about the ways things "actually" happened. I love the dialect! (Can you tell I loved a lot of this book)

Truly a great read. I think I will have to read this one again one day.

On a side note something really fun about Gaiman is that he doesn't force feed you all the info. You make it up and it all fits within his worlds. Just pure BRILLIANCE this man.
City of Fallen Angels - Cassandra Clare Spoilers. You've been warned.

So I wrote an ENTIRE fuckin review but my lovely sister fuckin' exited the window before it was saved. So am I even more sour writing this one? You bet your tits I am.

First things first, my distaste for a book is rather obvious in how LONG it takes me to even read it. This book took me 4 weeks. I read another book in between this one because I can't stand this series.

I promised myself I would NEVER do this. I promised myself I need to stop reading books I hate. But here I am. I had hoped that this one would be better... I have faith in Clare as a writer when she's not writing petty, plotless and rather ridiculous love triangles/plots. After starting this book, that hope was crushed. Crushed into a million tiny pieces laying before me. They glittered all around me like a fresh snow bank on a sunny day. UGH FUCK THIS BOOK

I HATE being negative. i am NOT a negative person. But things like this bring out the worst in me.

The best way for me to describe this book is petty. After City of Glass, I as hoping that this would continue on that track. Improving as it went along. Instead of took 5 giant jumps backwards. It's back to the same stupid boring shit. Nothing happens. It's page after page of filler and filler. The only way things progress is through dialogue. Why? Weak writing/storytelling ability. The story should NOT progress through dialogue. Thanks.

Now before I really get into it, I know I am not a published author, and hell I don't even consider myself a grammar nazi. The reviews are written in a conversational manner. So while I can openly admit, hey I am not perfect I make mistakes, and my writing is no where near perfect I still have every right to express my honest opinion on things I do not like. This series obviously had to go through drafts and editors... but yet it's still WEAK. Weak. Weak. Weak!

When the boys are written they describe each other the way the girls do. Do guys notice the way a shirt fits another guy? No. Do they notice how their hair falls, how they smell, how when they adjust their weight their nervous? Um no. Those are feminine ways of identifying things. It's evolution. Women by nature are smaller, so we learned to observe and use our eyes and mentality. Men don't notice the same small things we do. So it's STUPID that Simon always describes what his friends are wearing, what they look like, the way they are holding themselves... for best friends maybe, but not for people you have known for a week. OH! Another issue. How can 4 books take place in less than a year? How stupid! The mental stability of the characters is seriously in question for me if this is a normal 6 month period. And that's me being generous. I actually believe if I am right that's more along the lines of 3-4 months. Pathetic.

Kyle tells Simon "Red is TOTALLY his colour" -- Are you fuckin' kidding me? Right. Either a really bad vampire joke or just a stupid attempt at giving characterization to plotless characters. Ugh.

There are two parts of this book I did like. That's when Clary stood up for Simon. But then she changes her mind? um NO Clary. You were right. Don't apologize for that. Just another reason why I hate Clary and her stupid wanna be independent-I'm-so-fierce attitude but is SO submissive. She's not a stubborn girl, she's a stupid naive one who has no fore sight and doesn't care for the consequences her stupid actions have on others. She's SELFISH. So, so wrecklessly selfish. Sure she's a teenager but when you're writing a story at least give a good example to girls to look up at the same time. Don't glorify bratty behaviour. Fuck Clary. All the women in this book are disgustingly pathetic. The fact that I always have to hear about how beautiful Isabelle is and how much Clary doesn't like it? Listen, if you have that much aggression at someone else for looking good, you're sick in the head. Friends should not hate on each other that way and if you do, well stop being friends. Simple. It's disgusting. It's SO disgusting.
Second was Lilith. I really liked her, the way the story was going, how this Greater Demon would prove to be a battle and a half. But what happens? Oh right. CONVENIENCE! She dies. So instead Sebastian is the threat. Right. That's like Seamus from Harry Potter killing Voldemort and then DRACO MALFOY becomes the villain. She was bad ass. The story had potential. This was written really well. But then, poof. It's too fluff to handle that shit.

Ugh. Don't read this.

Will I read the next one... well I own it. so I have it. But who knows WHEN. I need something. maybe Gaiman... but hell no. This is so stupid. Terrible book. Just terrible.
Falling Kingdoms - Morgan Rhodes, Michelle Rowen When I first started this book I didn't entirely know what to expect. I was excited, definitely was excited and I was hoping I would enjoy it. Right from the get go I was indeed pulled into this world. The list of characters was indeed very useful and I highly enjoyed having that small bit of enough beforehand.

Right from the beginning what I enjoyed was that this book got to the point. Within the first 50 pages I had taste for all the characters and stuff actually happened that I could tell was central the plot and story. Unlike a lot of the YA I have read this year. The way Rhodes was able to create a real, palpable tension between the three lands of Auranos, Paelsia and Limeros is honestly very breath taking.

Some of the dialogue definitely felt out of place at times. Because a suitor in a setting like this would say something along the lines "Not you, asshole". It felt too modern, too teenager of the 21st century if you catch my drift.

The characters, now about them... I liked that in reading each chapter I got a different taste entirely. The author definitely allows for you to discover each mind and I truly enjoy that you get a different view of the characters between one another. Since we are the POV's of each others enemies it makes for a very interesting read. The perspective and POV's written for the characters I found to be rather true to the specific character. Theon to his duty - his demise had me rather upset! - Cleo and her very much spoiled princess behaviour without knowing she is, Jonas and his sheer hatred for the Auranian's and the way he sees Cleo is beautifully crafted into the story, Lucia and her awakening magic is divine - when she destroys Sabina I was rather excited - and my poor poor Magnus who has to be in his head all alone.

The character development for Magnus is my favourite, and I am very much enjoying Jonas's transformation and cleverness as well.

The book had a lot of surprising moments and a few not so surprising ones.

While I will be honest, this isn't the best book I have ever read I 100% enjoyed it and could easily overlook the tripes that I noticed. This isn't a new and fresh idea or plot. Definitely not. Magic, kingdoms, war and the very small line between what is right and wrong but for a YA novel I find it to be a "better" one of the bunch. I am going to read the second book when it comes out for sure as I truly am enjoying the characters, MOST of the time. Granted there a definitely a few times while reading this that I felt ... "lied" too. Like I was making myself like it more than I should but then I would get immersed again. I do like that when I would get slightly bored I was being pulled in again. I would like to see the author take this story elsewhere. Find the Kindred, but I do have no hope for that happening in the second. It's YA and we do need the "filler" in there somewhere. I hope I don't get too disappointed but this was a good one. I recommend the read. I find that is enjoyable without being to daunting to read.
Prince Caspian - C.S. Lewis, Pauline Baynes I am highly enjoying this series as it goes. The themes in it are very powerful. My favourite thus far is Faith, and how that gradually changes when your an adult from childhood. I enjoy how Lucy and Edmund have this almost undying faith whilst Susan does not. Peter doubts. Therefore creating this great complex between them. I really enjoyed that. I can not wait to keep reading the series.

Different from the movie, but I like the difference.
The Horse and His Boy - C.S. Lewis What can I say? I am thoroughly enjoying my first trip into the world of Narnia and it's adventures. This book was rather interesting. Shasta, Bree, Hwin and Aravis are a group I'd love to travel with again and again. Enjoyable, and has a nice little message at the end from Aslan "No one will ever be told another story but their own"
The Ocean at the End of the Lane: A Novel - Neil Gaiman, Neil Gaiman Ughh, Neil Gaiman. I loved this book. It was done with too quickly but I loved it. I wasn't expecting such a magical book but alas I was so enthralled by it anyway.

I don't even know where to begin. The concepts and ideas were great. I really enjoyed when Lettie told our protagonist that adults look the same as they did when they were kids on the inside. Really did. It gives a smaller insight to that moment in every persons life when they realize they are an adult, and they didn't even know that happened.
All the women were so beautifully written, and I loved hearing it from the memory of a 50 year old man reminiscing his childhood. It really made it that much more intimate, especially since he remained nameless.
The way Gaiman is able to write the child perspective is numbing and mind blowing. I found myself more than willing to accept that the way this child thought, I did a very long time ago. It's so hard find something that triggers memories and feelings the way this book did with me.
The books got to the point and didn't waste time with excess garble that would only length the page count not the story. Possibly my favourite thing about Mr.Gaiman is how he is able to do just that. He doesn't give you anymore or anyless that needed for his story to be told, for his characters to be exactly who they are meant to be and for the words to speak to you.

Like I've said before, if I can hear the book I am in love. And my god did this book play out like a wonderful movie in my head. I can't wait o read more of Gaiman's novels.
Coraline - Dave McKean, Neil Gaiman This quite a frightening story for children, but the message is amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed this and I can not wait to share it with my children.

Gaiman, you're a masterful storyteller.
Neverwhere - Mike Carey, Glenn Fabry, Neil Gaiman I am glad I read the novel first. Although I loved this my love for this novel definitely comes from the bulk of novel. But damn, this adaptation is honestly killer. Fast paced, thriller and beautifully executed. I enjoyed it for sure.

I can’t deny that I am becoming a big fan, bigger than I already am, of Neil Gaiman’s work. This novel wasn’t written by him but I can definitely see the appreciation and respect for the worlds he created originally. That in itself made me enjoy the novel because you could tell it was done with the utmost respect for the original.

I find Gaiman to always execute a poignant narrative, and I was highly anticipating seeing that in this graphic novel. I wasn’t disappointed.

While I understand that certain things had to be changed, and the plot lightened quite extensively, I couldn’t help but miss those factors having read the novel first. I found this the most palpable in the structure of London Below. In the novel I felt much more isolated and alienated, while in the graphic novel I didn’t quite feel that. Perhaps it’s just because I couldn’t help but subconsciously contrast the two. Regardless this is a wicked graphic novel and if anyone who is a fan of the original is questioning picking this one up, please do. It’s great. Although that also comes with a high recommendation to read the novel as well.

Side note : Why did door have to have a giant chest though? Nah. I like the version in my head muuuch better.

Guys, pick this up. What a beautifully crafted story and the artwork is mind blowing. Truly. A lot of the time reading this was simply admiring the gorgeous art work.
Dance in the Vampire Bund Vol 6 - Nozomu Tamaki I am starting to get really hooked. I am enjoying the revelation of these new characters.

This just got real. Angel's introduction is wicked cool - except I think there was a hint at her actually being a him? am I reading that wrong? -
And the jealousy that arises is very palpable. All in all this is probably my favourite in the series so far. Will need to pick up 7-9 very soon here. Running behind in the times.
Dance in the Vampire Bund, Volume 5 - Nozomu Tamaki Come on now, this is volume 5. I have been enjoying this so far so you can safely assume I enjoyed the crap out of this one as well.

So in this one Akira is travelling through the Bund it self. I like that the story picks up here in terms of learning what Mina really wants, and what she needs to protect in order to get it.

By this point I have moved past the uncomfortable feeling of seeing such a tiny girl always naked. It's not sexy, not even a little bit to me. It's... gross. She looked 11-13 and I can not take that seriously in terms of "sexy". But I understand this is Manga and manga can go there. (Nah mean, twincest?) But over all I enjoy this.

I won't get too in detail about what happens because well it's manga, it's all better left to be read. Still loving how much ass Akira kicks in this for sure. [SPOILER] He loses an arm and still kicks ass. No wonder he is the guardian to Mina Tepes. Bad ass werewolf.

Dance in the Vampire Bund, Vol. 4 - Nozomu Tamaki The 4th volume is definitely picking up. The way that Mina has to prove her honour is very degrading and made so much sense for the series I loved it. I also really like how you can tell there is so much more going on that is going to be revealed. Just, UGH. Nicely done.
The fighting though? Wicked. The wolf/vampire thing is very interesting and I love that Akira being so young is still so bad ass. Even his dad is all "It's Akira. If he dies than he isn't worthy. But my son WON'T DIE" haha. Sweet.

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